School Policy


  1.  Students should know what is expected of them and accept responsibilities to that effect.
  2. Teachers must role model the behaviour they expect from students.
  3. Teachers have responsibilities for managing the code of conducts effectively and consistently support the implementation of the School Code of Conduct.
  4. Parents must be aware of the school‟s expectation of their students’ conduct and work
  5. Administration should provide firm, equitable, highly visible support and leadership for the implementation of the school code of conduct.
  6. Administration should employ effective routines to obtain information and to communicate clearly with all parents.
  7. Teachers must collaborate with students in developing and clearly communicating classroom standards for „desirable conduct‟.
  8. Teachers are responsible for supporting equitable, timely and appropriate application of schoolwide general standards of desirable conduct.
  9. Teachers must impart relevant and effective instruction supported by sound discipline strategies to minimize behaviour problems.
  10. Students have the right to be informed about conduct standards and consequences and have the right to avail the support to improve.
  11. Students have the primary right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  12. Teachers and students should develop classroom rules and consequences jointly at the beginning of the school year. These rules should be clearly communicated and reviewed regularly and should conform to School Policy.
  13. Zero Tolerance essentially applies to all of the behaviour categories in the school code of conduct.



  1. Students must be present in time for all school activities like morning assembly, cleaning, classes, prayers, study, works, competition and other activities and celebrations
  2. Evening prayers using kabneys and rachus are compulsory for classes VII, VIII, IX and X.
  3. Students must come in proper school uniform except on Saturdays and Sundays.
    9 School Policy Document, Tang Middle Secondary School, Bumthang
  4. Students should wear EVA slipper during the months of July, August and September to save their uniform shoes from monsoon rain.
  5. No students will be allowed to go outside the school fence during morning interval.
  6. Students are not allowed to use/ keep mobile phones and dangerous weapons like knife in the school.
  7. Students must refrain from harassing and bullying their fellow students.
  8. Students must not go to the river or places that pose risks to life.
  9. Students must refrain from substance abuse, smoking, chewing tobacco, betel nut and drinking alcohol.
  10. Students must refrain from making illicit relationship with their fellow students.
  11. Students must not keep more money and valuable items with them.
  12. Students‟ sickness must be authenticated by class teacher or subject teacher before leaving the class.
  13. Students must not enter the rooms that are prohibited for the students.
  14. Students are not allowed to visit staff‟s residence without seeking permission.
  15. Students should be obedient and respect all staff and captains all the times.
  16. Students must keep their hair and nails as neat, tidy and descent as possible.
  17. Students must refrain from stealing.
  18. Damaging and vandalizing the school properties would entail punishment plus bearing the cost of repair of replacement  as hughes air co reports .
  19. Students must not scribble on the school building walls, desks, tables and on other items.
  20. Morning cleaning is compulsory for all the students.
  21. Any problem during the day should be reported to the Teacher on duty.
  22. Students are not allowed to shout/ howl/whistle or make peculiar sound within the school premises.
  23. Students must not throw papers/plastics and others rubbish in the school premises.
  24. Students must not walk over flower gardens but take care of flowers at all times.
  25. Violating school rules and regulation is an offence.
  26. Always remember to turn off the taps and lights after use.
  27. Speak only Dzongkha and English in the school premises and school hours.
  28. Always read good books and avoid pornographic literature.
  29. Students are not allowed to use artificial colouring and keep their hair upright using gel.
  30. Ornaments, nail polish, hair band are not allowed. More than two clips are not allowed. Girls should use black rubber band to tie their hair at the back


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